I’ll try again tomorrow

Sitting at my desk writing this morning, writing as I always do, with a coffee and the eagerness of a student at the front of the classroom, inspired & ready to learn.

I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of a book, written by an Author I recently started following. She asked me to photograph myself with her book saying a little something about it (thinking face) and post it on our social media accounts. I’ve never done anything like this before, how exciting! And scary at the same time!!

I dragged my purple (favourite colour) selfie stick out of the back of my desk drawer, it had been in there quite a while, waiting for an opportunity to be used. I felt a flush of ambition and began to set up for my selfie shoot …with myself! After playing around with light and the sun which was beaming through my thin pane glass window, I found (what I thought was) the perfect angle and started snapping away. I checked each photo with the criticism of my own insecurities as I sat in my hydraulic office chair, that had broken just 2 days after I’d bought it. (I should replace that, one day)

“This doesn’t have to be perfect!”, I said reassuringly to myself. I continued to take photo’s, ending up with about twenty that I wasn’t happy with anyway. It was then that Damian (my partner) came in and suggested the Go-Pro might be better than my Samsung S10, so he charged it up and away I went. Snapping like (my version of) a Pro, I was feeling determined to make an impression on all the Insta accounts of writers and authors I’ve been following. After all, if I don’t put in the effort, how can I expect to get published?!

Far from being a Pro, I tried different positions with both the Go Pro and the selfie stick but nothing satisfied me!

No, too much light!”, “No, too dark!”, “Why won’t it angle the way I want?”

So after four hours of trying to get a good angle, lighting and my position just right, I gave up and decided - “I’ll try again tomorrow”